Collection of bulk waste

Collection of bulk waste

You have the option of having bulk waste collected up at your address four times a year. The offer covers e.g. furniture, kitchen appliances, small combustible objects or iron and metal, and you can have up to five units collected at a time.

The bulk waste must be sorted according to the same rules that apply at the recycling centre. A single unit may not weigh more than 30 kg and the maximum volume is 1 m3; however, the maximum weight of furniture and kitchen appliances is 45 kg and the maximum volume is 2 m3; tree waste must have a maximum length of one metre and be tied in bundles.

Bulk waste for collection should be placed at kerbside/the property line no later than 7 am on the day of collection. In the event of a delay, it must be possible for the bulk waste to be left outside for two workdays.

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