Access to the waste bin

Make room for the waste collector

It must be possible for your waste collector to access your waste bin without difficulty. There must be room for the waste-collection lorry on your street and there must be enough room for your waste collector to move your bin out to the lorry.

If the waste collector abandons his attempt to collect your waste, he will put a note in your mailbox, though not if extreme weather conditions prevent the waste collector from getting to your home.

12 rules to remember
The access road must have a firm surface.
Cut back any protruding vegetation.
Place the waste bin so it is easy to access.
Position the bin so its handles and wheels face out.
Close the lid of the waste bin.
Do not overly compact the waste.
Wrap up wet or dusty waste.
Make sure the waste bin is accessible from 5 am to 6 pm.
Remove any bicycles, cars and toys from the approach and turning area.
Keep your dog inside or put it on a leash.
Seal the extra bag.
Clear snow and ice in winter.

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