Statutory household waste collection

Statutory household waste collection

According to the Denmark's household waste regulations, all private households, multi-family dwellings, housing associations, and holiday homes in Guldborgsund and Lolland Municipalities must subscribe to the waste collection scheme.

You can choose the size of your waste bin and decide how often you wish to have it emptied. You have different options depending on whether you live in a private household, or a holiday home or  a multi-family dwelling or a housing association

Plastic liners for waste bins
If you want to avoid cleaning your waste bin, you can buy plastic liners at the recycling centre. The plastic liner is a thin plastic bag that you place inside your waste bin. The liner disappears when the bin is emptied.

Bins for cardboard and paper
Private households have a 140-litre bin for cardboard and paper which is emptied every four weeks. Housing associations have the option of selecting the size of the bin for cardboard and paper. Residents of holidays homes can take cardboard and paper to recycling bins (find your nearest bin on the REFA map.

Remember to clear snow so the waste collector can access your waste bin.

Unobstructed access for the waste collector
Make sure that  the route between the waste bin and the road on which the waste collection lorry parks is accessible and, if you have a dog, please keep it inside on waste-collection days. Make room for the waste collector.

Collection of bulk waste
If you cannot get to the recycling centre yourself, you have the option of subscribing to the bulk-waste collection scheme.

Extra red rubbish bags
If you have too much household waste, this must be put into one of REFA's red rubbish bags.

Use the lid for batteries
Put your small batteries in a clear bag and attach the bag to your waste bin and the waste collector will take them to be recycled. Batteries for recycling.
Avoid overfilling the waste bin
If you have a waste bin with a bag: Do not fill the bag above the line; overfilled bags will not be collected. Avoid compressing waste and avoid overfilling the bin;  overfilled bins will not be emptied.

Ashes, dust and wet items
Vacuum-cleaner bags, ashes from wood-burning stoves and barbecue grills, as well as other dusty waste must, like wet waste, be wrapped up before being deposited in the waste bin.


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