How do I get a different-sized waste bin?

There are two options:
You can exchange it yourself at the recycling centre (which costs DKK 50), or the waste collector will come to your house and exchange it (which costs DKK 250, and you should allow three weeks for delivery).
Remember to clean the bin before the exchange.
You are responsible for your bin. If it breaks due to neglect or is stolen, you are personally responsible for replacing it.

What should I do with my old bag-holder rack, and bottle and paper bins?

The bag-holder rack is yours to keep. Holders, bins and containers can be taken to the recycling centre or be registered for collection as bulk waste.

Who pays for waste collection when the property changes ownership?

When a property is sold, the estate agent or lawyer must draw up a completion statement to determine what should be paid by the previous owner and the new owner.

My property is uninhabited. How do I cancel the waste collection service?

If a property has been uninhabited for more than six months, and this can be verified by the municipality’s registry office, REFA can cancel the waste collection service and bins can be picked up by a haulier.

When does REFA issue its invoices?

In Lolland Municipality, invoices are issued:
in March for the first half of the year (payment due in April).
in September for the last half of the year in (payment due in October).

In Guldborgsund Municipality, invoices are issued:
in February for the first half of the year (payment due in March).
in August for the last half of the year (payment due in September).

What should I do when my property changes owner and I move out?

If you are the homeowner, you must cancel your agreement with BetalingService (automatic payment service). Rejecting the waste-collection bill is not enough; the payment agreement for REFA must be cancelled at your bank or via your online bank. Remember to cancel as soon as possible. As soon as the agreement has been cancelled, REFA can send the bill for waste collection to the new owner. Also, remember that any prepaid waste collection is part of the completion statement between the seller and buyer.

Will I receive a new bill if I replace my current bin with a smaller one?

A new bill will not be issued. If you exchange a bin for a smaller one, the price will not be adjusted until the next invoicing, as REFA issues invoices only twice a year. For instance, this means that the price adjustment for exchanging your bin for a smaller one in September will not appear on the invoice for the first half of the year until the following year, either in February or March, depending on the municipality in which you live.

Do I get a refund if waste is not collected as agreed?

No, this is unfortunately not possible. Residents are not entitled to a refund if waste is not collected due to situations such as impassable roads caused by snow or ice, parked cars or other obstacles, forgetfulness or similar. This is stipulated in the municipalities’ household waste regulations. In both regulations, the issue is described under sections 4 and 9.10. According to the regulations, it is incumbent on the residents to cover the costs incurred by REFA and the municipality respectively relating to the specified schemes for waste collection, etc.

Questions and answers

Should I register for the scheme and have two sets of waste bins if I operate a business out of my own home?

No, an exemption from the mandatory use obligation scheme is generally granted if the business is operated from a private address that is already registered with the municipal household waste-collection scheme.

We are multiple users/commercial premises in the same building and would like to share a bin or bins. Where do we register?

REFA has set up an online form for businesses that would like to share a waste bin. Application to share a waste container

How do I apply for an exemption from the municipal household waste-collection scheme?

REFA has set up an online form for applying for an exemption.

How do I apply for an exemption from the administration fee?

According to Section 60 (1)–(3) of the Executive Order on Waste a group of businesses may be released from paying the charge:

if the sector code is listed in Annex 8 of the Executive Order, and if the business at the P-number* address has 0–1 employees, except for commercial fishermen, regardless of the number of employees
businesses whose type of business is listed in Annex 9, point 1, of the Executive Order and if the business at the P-number* address has 0 employees, or point 2, regardless of the number of employees in the business
businesses which document that they had an annual VAT-based turnover or wage bill of less than DKK 300,000 in the last financial year.

Applications for exemptions must be sent to REFA either by e-mail to post@refa.dk or by ordinary mail to Energivej 4, DK-4800 Nykøbing F.

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