Occupational health and safety and environmental protection

Occupational health and safety and environmental protection

REFA's helps to solves some of society's environmental problems. Occupational health and safety and environmental protection are interrelated. We process waste and generate energy. Naturally, these activities must be carried out in a proper and conscientious manner to take account of both the environment and our employees.

At REFA we call our environmental policy our OHSE: OHS stands for occupational health and safety and E for the environment.

REFA's OHSE policy

As part of the day-to-day operation of these activities and as part of new development, REFA wishes to:

  • ensure that work at our plants and centres is done according to well-considered, written guidelines
  • ensure a high level of occupational safety
  • undertake to actively prevent accidents and wearing out – both physical and mental – through continual improvements of the working environment
  • register the impact on the surrounding environment and continuously assess whether this impact should lead to operational changes or changes to plant design
  • ensure that our employees have the requisite know-how, skill-sets and expertise for taking proper and appropriate action
  • undertake to ensure continuous reductions in the use of resources and the impact on the surrounding environment, while considering the practical, technical and financial realities and possibilities
  • comply with all statutory requirements of current law
  • document to employees, customers, owners and authorities that REFA's facilities are operated properly and expediently.

REFA will seek to achieve these goals by maintaining a certifiable management system covering both OHS and environmental management. 

At present the OHSE system covers: The waste-to-energy CHP plant, Hasselø Environmental Centre, Gerringe Environmental Centre, the Biocompost Plant, the Reloading Station, all recycling centres and Maribo-Sakskøbing CHP Plant. 

REFA's OHSE policy was initially certified in 2004. Since then, the certification has been updated and renewed every year.


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