REFA's policies

REFA's policies

REFA's helps to solves some of society's environmental problems. We process waste and generate energy. Naturally, these activities must be carried out in a proper and conscientious manner to take account of both the environment and our employees.

As a relatively sizeable workplace in the local Lolland–Falster area and with a substantial number of additional derivative jobs, it is important that the enterprises I/S REFA and REFA Energi A/S (and underlying wholly-owned subsidiaries) focus on the impact of REFA's activities both within the company and on the surrounding local community.

Concurrent with the increasing specialisation of waste-management processes and the fact that these do not only take place in the local area but also at national and international levels, it is also important to consider how such tasks outside the local area should be carried out when dealing with tasks outsourced by REFA.

Finally, it is important for REFA – as an enterprise which some of its customers are forced to use – to consider how REFA creates the greatest utility value for these customers.

REFA is keenly aware of environmental protection and occupational health and safety. This is true of not only REFA's own employees, but everyone who visits or works at our facilities.

REFA can document that the company's environmental efforts are carried out in accordance with the best international standards: Two certificates issued by DS (Danish Standard. This certification is based on a critical review of REFA's safety, working environment and handling of the wide variety of environmental challenges associated with the operation of a modern waste-management and energy company. This critical audit is carried out once a year by impartial external auditors.

As an energy company, REFA focuses on its climate policy and the efforts required to reduce emissions of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


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