REFA's plants and facilities

REFA's plants and facilities

REFA processes household waste which is collected throughout Lolland-Falster. In addition REFA operates  The waste-to-energy CHP plant in Nykøbing Falster, Hasselø Environmental Centre and Gerringe Environmental Centre, the sludge composting plant in Gerringe, and 14 recycling centres and 3 container centres.

REFA Energi

REFA is much more than waste and recycling centres. It is also an energy company, REFA Energi

REFA has both a well-trimmed organisation and substantial know-how when it comes to energy production and efficient operation of complex facilities and systems. The board wants to exploit this core expertise for other and more purposes than waste incineration. Since 2006, REFA has not only been a waste-management company that processes waste as a core service, but also an energy company focused on district heating and electricity based on biomass. Biomass is defined as wood chips, straw, seed residue, slurry and organic materials, i.e. CO2-neutral fuels.

The biomass commitment began with the establishment of the Nykøbing Falster Biomass Plant. Since then, REFA Energi has assumed ownership or operating responsibility for several biomass plants located in Lolland and Falster.

All biomass-based energy activities are gathered under the subsidiary REFA Energi A/S. The company is wholly owned by the parent company I/S REFA.

The separation between each of REFA Energi's energy companies is financially watertight, and the same is true of the separation between the parent company I/S REFA and REFA Energi A/S. REFA Energi's energy production must be self-financed. The household waste-collection scheme for waste processing in Lolland-Falster must not pay for district heating in Nykøbing Falster, and district heating customers in Stubbekøbing must be certain that they are not paying for district heating in Nykøbing Falster and vice versa.

REFA's plants and facilities Facilities owned by REFA Energi Facilities run by REFA Energi
The waste-to-energy CHP plant in Nykøbing F. Nykøbing Falster Biomass Plant Gedser District Heating
Gerringe and Hasselø environmental centres Horbelev District Heating Plant Holeby Straw-fired District Heating Plant
The sludge-composting plant in Gerringe Maribo-Sakskøbing CHP Plant  
The recycling centres Nysted Biogas  
  Stubbekøbing District Heating Plant  









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