REFA is the consumers' own company

REFA is the consumers' own company

REFA is owned by the residents of Lolland-Falster by way of Lolland Municipality and Guldborgsund Municipality. The board of directors for REFA is made up of nine members selected by the municipal councils in Lolland and Guldborgsund municipalities. The day-to-day management is provided by the company's managing director in collaboration with the management group.
REFA is a partnership in which the municipalities of Guldborgsund and Lolland are the partners. The municipalities' ownership shares are proportionately based on population. Guldborgsund Municipality owns 57% of REFA and has five seats on REFA's board of directors. Lolland Municipality owns 43% of REFA and has four members on REFA's board of directors. The board members are appointed by the municipal councils.
REFA's activities are defined by statutes agreed by the politicians elected in Lolland and Guldborgsund municipalities and by the Local Government Act. The statutes and all agreements between the two municipalities are approved by State Administration Zealand, which supervises enterprises jointly owned by municipalities.
REFA is governed by the same rules relating to public enterprise that apply to the municipalities. Therefore, enterprises jointly owned by municipalities are often referred to as special municipalities. As an enterprise jointly owned by municipalities, REFA is also subject to the Public Administration Act. 

REFA is user-financed and must be self-financed.

Even if Lolland has one less board member than Guldborgsund, the statutes take account of the possibility of outvoting the minority. Almost all decisions are taken by a qualified majority. This means that the adoption of a motion by the board requires the support of two out of three members.


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