Pressure-treated wood

Pressure-treated wood at the recycling centre

Pressure-treated wood can be deposited at the recycling centre using blue vouchers. Remember that this is hazardous waste which requires you to fill in a receipt.

Fill in and print the receipt* Bring two copies, and give one to the recycling centre along with the waste. The other one is to be signed by the recycling centre's employee and is your copy. You must keep this copy on file for five years.

*) Unfortunately, the receipt is only available in Danish and can only be generated on a computer.

Remember to make sure you have a hazardous waste receipt

When you deliver hazardous waste, you must ask the staff to sign your receipt. The following waste fractions apply:

  • Asbestos (delivered with a blue voucher)
  • Pressure-treated wood (delivered with a blue voucher)
  • Other hazardous waste (delivered with an orange voucher)

You are responsible for filling in the information about the business and the waste you are bringing. You will also need to estimate the weight of the waste. After this, the staff will sign the receipt to acknowledge that you have delivered the waste.

Save the receipt
The receipt verifies that you have correctly delivered your hazardous waste. According to the regulations, you must keep the receipt on file for five years.

Download and fill in the receipt*
You can fill in and print the receipt* directly from this page. Remember to bring both the original and the copy to the recycling centre.
*) Works only on a computer.

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