Options for waste collection

Select the size of your waste bin

Every household has the option of selecting the size of waste bin they prefer and the frequency with which it should be emptied. You can choose from a plastic bag holding 110 litres, a bin holding 140, 180 or 240 litres, or a mini-container holding 400 or 600 litres. Select here: Self-service.

Collection every week or every two weeks
For all schemes, it is possible to choose whether your waste should be collected every week or every other week.

Bin for cardboard and paper
Choose between a bin holding 140 or 240 litres or a 660-litre mini-container. The bin is emptied every four weeks.
Vælg papirbeholder

Access to the bin
There are rules for where you may place your waste bin. It must be freely accessible to waste collectors. Access to the waste bin


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