Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste

Some types of hazardous waste can be taken to the recycling centres. However, this is restricted to the types and volumes usually found in ordinary households.

  • oil and chemical waste (e.g. waste oil, acids, paint and pesticides)
  • environmentally hazardous waste (e.g. small batteries and car batteries)
  • waste which is hazardous for the working environment (e.g. materials containing asbestos)

Rules and restrictions applying to hazardous waste at the recycling centre
The waste must be brought to the recycling centre in its original packaging, and businesses may bring a maximum of 200 kg of hazardous waste a year to the recycling centres. Businesses must purchase orange vouchers to be able to bring hazardous waste to the recycling centre.

Flammable liquids
Maximum package contents: 5 kg
Maximum package volume: 10 litres

Non-flammable fluids
Maximum package contents: 10 kg
Maximum package volume: 25 litres

Remember your receipt
The environmental authorities require documentation verifying that  the business's oil and chemical waste has been correctly delivered. Therefore, you must receive a receipt from the staff at the recycling centre. Fill in and print out the receipt at your office/home and bring two copies with you, one for  your business and one for REFA. The business is under an obligation to keep the receipt on file for five years.

More than 200 kg
If you have more than 200 kg of hazardous waste, contact REFA's subsidiary ALFA Specialaffald to pick up the hazardous waste from the business.

The recycling centre cannot accept
medical waste or syringes: biomedical waste must be registered for the refuse collection scheme with REFA's subsidiary ALFA Specialaffald
Radioactive material: please ask your municipality
Explosive material: please ask your municipality
Other types of waste not usually found in household waste

Hazardous waste must be reported to the municipality
All businesses which produce hazardous waste must report this to the municipality on a form for reporting hazardous waste. The form is only available in Danish.

Questions about hazardous waste:
Guldborgsund Municipality, Technical and Environmental Department, tel.: 5484 1400
Lolland Municipality, Technical and Environmental Department, tel. 5467 6767


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