Concrete and brick are no longer sold

Uncontaminated wood

When delivering waste-wood fractions 305 and 722, their origins must be stated. The environmental centres only accept uncontaminated wood from public and private owners. Uncontaminated wood is no longer accepted directly from commercial buildings.

Treated indoor wood

Fraction 305 at Gerringe and 722 at Hasselø.

The wood can be all other types of indoor wood, except hazardous waste wood. Painted wood and composite wood fractions are accepted. All non-wood material must be removed (remnants of cabling, roofing sheets, etc.).

Untreated indoor wood

Fraction 304 at Gerringe and 728 at Hasselø.

The wood must be unpainted and unvarnished and it may not consist of a composite material (e.g. kitchen cabinets, and flooring).

Outdoor wood (including pressure-treated wood)

Fractions 348 and 448 at both Gerringe and Hasselø.

All wood that has been used outdoors, such as fencing, posts, painted wood, exterior structural wood, exterior doors and window frames and casings (without window panes, however).

Other wood

Large stumps and roots (fraction 403) are accepted regardless of origin.


Rates for delivering waste wood have been changed from 1 April (see list of charges).

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