Bringing soil to the environmental centres

Soil may be brought to both environmental centres. There are two different procedures to follow, depending which environmental centre you use:

Bringing soil to Hasselø Environmental Centre
When bringing soil to Hasselø Environmental Centre, you need to fill in and submit an information form for the depositing of soil. Also, the soil must be accompanied by a soil-removal report.

Bringing soil to Gerringe Environmental Centre
When bringing soil to Gerringe Environmental Centre, this must be registered and reported on:

The environmental centres receive and process clean soil and contaminated soil up to class III. If the soil has a higher classification, REFA will send it on for proper processing by external processors. Note: Once the soil has been brought to a centre, it cannot be retrieved again.

Clean soil may not contain the following:

  • oil or chemical contaminants
  • asbestos
  • plastic
  • wood
  • metallic waste
  • construction waste
  • large amounts of rubble

Contaminated soil
If you are bringing soil from a classified area, the soil will be analysed on the basis of a soil sample. REFA will ensure that the soil is subsequently deposited in a proper manner. One sample is taken from every 30 tonnes of soil.If you transfer soil from an area classified as a hazardous area, you must report this to the municipality before transferring the soil. Note: soil brought to an environmental centre may not be retrieved again.


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